Revolutionizing Respiratory Health: Therma Bright's Innovative AI-Driven Cough Detection

Therma Bright Secures Exclusive License for AI4LYF’s Digital Cough Technology


Therma Bright Inc ( OTC:TBRIF ,TSX-V:THRM)’s DCT’s breakthrough has achieved a significant milestone that promises to revolutionize respiratory disease screening and empower individuals to take charge of their health. In an exciting development, Therma Bright has secured an exclusive worldwide license for AI4LYF’s Digital Cough Technology (DCT), setting the stage for a brighter and healthier future.

Expanding Applications and Investment Commitment


The licensing deal grants Therma Bright the exclusive rights to market and sell DCT globally. Notably, this agreement enables Therma Bright to expand the application of DCT to other respiratory diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, bronchiolitis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In addition to securing the license, Therma Bright has committed to investing up to US$2.5 million in AI4LYF, showcasing its dedication to advancing groundbreaking medical technologies.

Revolutionizing Respiratory Disease Screening


Expressing enthusiasm about the partnership, Therma Bright aims to bring AI4LYF’s DCT to the forefront of respiratory disease screening. The DCT app serves as an accessible and efficient screening tool for a range of respiratory diseases, providing users with rapid results. Should the need arise for further validation, Therma Bright offers its AcuVid COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Saliva Test and other relevant tests, empowering individuals to proactively manage their respiratory health.

Regulatory Approval and Market Deployment Plans


With the completion of the licensing agreement, Therma Bright is gearing up for the regulatory submission process with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada. Once approved, the DCT solution will be integrated into Therma Bright’s suite of diagnostic and medical device technologies, offering users a comprehensive and reliable approach to respiratory disease detection. The collaborative efforts between Therma Bright and AI4LYF anticipate not only addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19 but also contributing to the prevention and control of various respiratory diseases.

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