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UptrendPicks.com (“Platform”) is not an investment advisory platform, nor does it claim to advise on which securities users should buy or sell. Employees, analysts, or affiliates of the Platform might hold positions in securities discussed. Users acknowledge the inherent risks involved in trading securities. The Platform, its contributors, and all associated parties are not responsible for your trading and investment outcomes. Statements made on the Platform are accurate as of their stated date and can change without notice.


The methods, techniques, and indicators discussed on our platform are provided for education and information. It shouldn’t be interpreted as investment advice. You should use the information as a base for additional independent research. Any investment decision should be based on consultation with a licensed financial advisor and tax advisor.


Our materials aim for accuracy, but errors can occur. They aren’t substitutes for professional advice. We encourage users to seek advice from competent professionals for legal, financial, tax, or other requirements. The Platform might discuss stocks, but it is not an offer to buy or sell any security. Stock market trading carries substantial risks. Hence, trading should only be done with risk capital.



When considering trading, be aware of the following:


– Efficient and competitive markets make successful trading challenging.
– Trading involves significant risks; not all traders will be successful.
– Market structures may cause previously successful strategies to fail.
– High trading volume can result in considerable commission costs.
– Losses can exceed 100% of initial capital. Users are responsible for their losses.
– Certain orders, like “stop-loss”, might not limit losses due to market conditions.
– Volatile stocks can present additional trading challenges.
– Trading can be impacted by system failures. You might experience losses due to technical issues.
– Using leverage can lead to significant losses.
– Traders might need to deposit more funds if the market moves against their position.
– It’s essential to understand protections available for funds or property in your account.


Only risk capital should be used for trading. The Platform’s content is intended for education. We source information from contributors who might use pseudonyms. The accuracy of their statements isn’t guaranteed. Users should be cautious about potential misleading or incorrect information.


Content & Conduct

All content on UptrendPicks.com, including information, communications, software, media, and other materials, is the sole property of UptrendPicks and is protected by US and international copyright laws.


You must use the Platform’s services lawfully. Prohibited actions include:

– Transmitting abusive, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent, or defamatory content.
– Posting content you don’t have rights to.
– Engaging in any misleading, deceptive, or false statements to manipulate markets.
– Advertising, promoting, or soliciting without permission.
– Violating any applicable laws within the USA.


Privacy & Liability


While UptrendPicks takes steps to protect user privacy, we reserve the right to disclose user information if required by law or to maintain Platform integrity. You are responsible for all actions taken under your account. Misuse may result in account termination without refund for unused services.

The Platform isn’t liable for damages from the use or inability to use its services. All services are provided “as is” without warranty. The information may not be complete or current, and the Platform isn’t responsible for any investment decisions based on it.

This agreement is governed by the laws of the USA.


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