For those seeking insights into when stocks may halt their decline, paying attention to macroeconomic data, bond market dynamics and the dollar’s performance. These fundamentals can signal when equities are nearing the end of their downturn, serving as valuable guides for investors.


As the market navigates economic growth and monetary policy concerns, the impact of rising interest rates and technical breaches in key indices continues to make investors cautious. Foreign investors might flock to the U.S. as a safe haven during such times, potentially causing interest rates to decrease and the dollar to strengthen. In such conditions, commodities, oil stocks, and gold could serve as effective hedges for investors


US, Asian and European markets also experienced downturns following the hawkish statements from the US Fed Chairman. The global market scenario reflected the spike in the US 10-Year bond yield to a 16-year high and the Dollar Index reaching a 10-month high of 106. Challenges in China’s property market and fears of inflation further contributed to the market’s downturn. While cautious optimism remains, traders anticipate weak to flat market action in the forthcoming week.

Fitch Downgrade And What It Means For Institutional Investors

Fitch downgrades the US rating to ‘AA+’ due to fiscal concerns and declining governance. Rising deficits, aging population, and potential recession pose challenges. Addressing ESG issues is vital for financial stability. Stay informed with UpTrendPicks.com for real-time market analysis. Enhance your investment decisions. Subscribe now!