Uncertainty persists in Copper

Copper faced a fluctuating trend akin to the global financial crisis, influenced by geopolitical tensions and China’s slowdown, impacting mining stocks in the short to medium term. This month witnessed a downtrend for copper due to these factors.

No rate hike expectations edge up Copper

However, this week saw a notable surge in industrial metals, particularly copper, rising 0.9% to a 1-½ month high. Expectations of increased Chinese stimulus and a weaker dollar contributed to the rise in commodity prices. Traders contemplate a potential shift in the Fed’s approach, indicating interest rate cuts by March 2024.

China’s stimulus revive Copper prices

Additionally, copper steadied on Friday, gearing up for its best week in over four months. Optimism stemmed from more stimulus measures from Beijing to revive the ailing property and industrial sectors. The People’s Bank of China injected 600 billion yuan to boost lending, aligning with expectations of maintaining record-low rates to foster economic recovery.

Indian metal conglomerate to benefit

China’s proposed stimulus for the real estate sector is anticipated to boost copper demand, positively impacting Hindalco Industries, a major Indian metal company, especially considering China’s potential economic boost. Hindalco stands to gain from China’s increased copper demand driven by the stimulus, potentially benefiting its copper-related business.

Rising electric vehicle (EV) demand livens Hindalco’s prospects

Additionally, Hindalco’s position in the electric vehicle (EV) market aligns with India’s push towards EV adoption. The company’s aluminum products cater to EV components, positioning it favorably in the growing EV market encouraged by the Indian government’s initiatives.


Chinese stimulus and rising demand for electric vehicles in India stands to benefit Indian metal giant Hindalco.

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