Gold prices in a tight range

Gold prices have been trading in a narrow range of about $15-$20, reflecting uncertainty in the market following the release of the August U.S. jobs report. This price stability has been influenced by various factors, including the strength of the U.S. Dollar Index and expectations regarding future interest rate changes by the Federal Reserve.


Dollar Index strength and gold impact

The recent strength of the U.S. Dollar Index has put pressure on gold prices. The relationship between the dollar and gold is inversely proportional, meaning that a stronger dollar tends to lead to weaker gold prices. The Dollar Index recently reached a six-month high and a short-term correction is expected.


Federal Reserve rate expectations

Market analysts anticipate that the Federal Reserve will maintain its current interest rates in September, with the possibility of a 0.25% rate increase in November. These expectations have an important bearing on gold prices, as higher interest rates can make non-interest-bearing assets like gold less attractive to investors. The Federal Reserve’s monetary policy decisions are closely linked to inflation.


Market uncertainty prevails

The market is currently characterized by a sense of uncertainty due to a lack of compelling data and drivers impacting inflation and gold prices since the release of the August payrolls numbers. This uncertainty is reflected in the tight $15-$20 trading range.


Gold’s technical outlook

From a technical perspective, the current bounce-back in spot gold prices from the $1,915 level is expected to face resistance around $1,950. If gold manages to find solid buying support above $1,930, it could potentially move higher toward the next target level of $1,980. Further stability above $1,965-$1,980 would be needed for a major upside move to $2000.


Conversely, if it fails to sustainably break above $1,930, it may retest the $1,905 support level. A break below $1,905 could open the path for a decline to $1,888. If selling pressure intensifies below $1,888 the next significant support level is $1,858. These price points are critical for both bullish and bearish traders in the gold market.


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