Inception & history

In the heart of Silicon Valley, a revolutionary tale began in 1984. Cisco, the brainchild of Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner. With a shared passion for networking, Leonard Bosack and Sandra Lerner laid the foundation for Cisco during their tenure at Stanford University. The lowercase “Cisco” pays homage to San Francisco, where the visionary duo kickstarted the company.

Key Cisco brands

Cisco’s foundation lies in being a product-based company, manufacturing and selling networking hardware and software. Renowned for networking products, Cisco has become synonymous with technological excellence. Cisco’s diverse technology portfolio spans networking, security, collaboration, cloud management, securely connecting industries and communities aligning with the latest IT trends, from artificial intelligence to the metaverse. From industrial networking to data management, Cisco’s offerings deliver a broad spectrum of technological needs. The “Secure, Agile Networks” segment dominates Cisco’s product landscape, generating significant revenue. Cisco’s generative AI solution for Webex and Security Cloud promises groundbreaking features in 2024.

Cisco’s growth strategy

Cisco identifies critical growth areas, emphasizing network and endpoint cybersecurity, cloud infrastructure, and data center services. Cisco’s learning and development strategy centers around technology, content curation and skill enhancement. Cisco’s influence spans networking, security, collaboration, data centers, and the Internet of Things. To remain competitive, Cisco focuses on continuous innovation in customer offerings and operational processes. The core strategic priorities are transformation, security, hybrid work support, application reimagining and sustainability. Cisco aims to create a unique competitive advantage through global partnerships, showcasing joint capabilities for greater flexibility in high-growth emerging countries.

The competition

Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper, and others vie for market share in the competitive landscape. Cisco’s competitive edge lies in innovative and secure networking products endorsed by satisfied customers.

Cisco’s growth strategy

Cisco’s acquisition strategy focuses on market transitions, with a history of over 70 acquisitions since 1993. The acquisition strategy revolves around building network products and extending market reach. Cisco’s $28 billion acquisition of Splunk positions it as one of the world’s largest software companies. Cisco’s foray into generative AI and cloud observability highlights a commitment to staying at the forefront.

Technological advancements with sustainable growth

Cisco’s pioneering role in sustainable energy and emission reduction. Cisco pioneers sustainable energy, collaborating with partners like Enel to integrate solar and wind power at an unprecedented scale, fostering a low-carbon electricity grid. Actively pursuing environmental responsibility, Cisco aims for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions throughout its value chain by 2040, positioning itself as a frontrunner in combating climate change and emphasizing dedication to sustainability.

CISCO stock metrics

Known by the stock ticker CSCO on the Nasdaq exchange, CISCO demonstrated a surge of 3.862% in 2023, reaching a high of $ 49.43 and a low of $ 47.59. The market capitalization of CISCO stands at $ 205.08 billion. Cisco features a Dividend Yield of 3.09% and a P/E Ratio of 15.22. Key performance metrics include a share volume of 10,414,329 and an average volume of 23.80 million, with a 50 DMA at $ 50.53, a 100 DMA at $ 52.68, and a 200 DMA around $ 51.36. According to, the largest institutional shareholder in CISCO is Vanguard Group Inc, holding 383,641, 658 shares, valued at $ 19,350,885 (000).

As Cisco charts its course through the ever-evolving tech terrain, its history, financial might, innovative products, and commitment to sustainability continue to make it a powerhouse in the industry.

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