Revolutionizing Respiratory Health: Therma Bright’s Innovative AI-Driven Cough Detection

Therma Bright secures exclusive global license for AI4LYF’s Digital Cough Technology (DCT), a cutting-edge AI-powered solution that swiftly detects respiratory diseases, including COVID-19, through a smartphone app. This partnership expands the scope of DCT to various respiratory conditions, while Therma Bright invests in advancing medical technology. Get ready for a revolutionary approach to respiratory disease screening.


Understand profit margins’ mean reversion, prepare for market fluctuations, and consider economic factors for successful outcomes. Beware of government interventions and excessive debt impacting future returns.Past gains may not repeat.Stay informed with for real-time market analysis. Enhance your investment decisions.Subscribe now!

Challenges To Stall Bullish Momentum

US stock market has positive sentiment despite minor concerns. USD decline benefits stocks & commodities in materials & industrials. S&P 500 is rising, but caution due to signs of exhaustion & investor fatigue and challenges ahead.Stay informed with for real-time market analysis. Enhance your investment decisions. Subscribe now!

Impact:  Debts And Deficits

Rising Debts & Deficits .A major threat to economic growth! Surging debt levels since the ’90s could hinder real growth. Rising debt yields could strain government finances & impact borrowing costs. Investors beware! Higher debt yields may affect the broader economy. Don’t miss expert insights at! Subscribe now!

Oil On The Boil

Oil On The Boil Last week, oil prices dipped as some investors cashed in on the July rally. Tightening global supplies boosted prices, but concerns arose as China’s economic troubles impacted the crude oil market. On the bright side, the IEA believes oil demand will depend on China’s growth, potentially tightening oil markets in H2. US WTI crude futures rose 1% to $82.20/barrel, driven by potential output cuts from Saudi Arabia and Russia, geopolitical tensions, optimistic view about the US economy and API report suggests US oil stocks fell by 15M barrels. Subscribe now to for market insights.

Rising Yields Threaten Bull Run

US Stock Market Alert! Rising Treasury yields pose a threat! Strong job market & robust economy hint at higher interest rates. Investors downplay risks.Financial conditions changed since March, long-term rates approach Oct highs. Rising rates narrow stocks vs. bonds gap, making stocks pricey. Oil prices impact rates. US WTI crude futures reach $82.20/barrel. Investor optimism remains for resilient US economy amid controlled inflation. Don’t miss expert insights at! Subscribe now!

U.S. Stocks Continue Upward Momentum

U.S. Stocks Continue Upward Momentum Last week, the S&P 500 (SPX) rose by 1%, rebounding from a Thursday selloff as investors seized the opportunity to buy. The U.S. economy’s strong performance, as indicated by recent economic data, has increased confidence that the Federal Reserve will achieve a soft landing. While the Fed raised rates and […]

Nikkei Aims for Record Highs Despite BOJ’s Surprising Move

Nikkei Aims for Record Highs Despite BOJ’s Surprising Move Last week, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) delivered an unexpected jolt to financial markets by raising the yield curve tolerance range for the Japan 10-Year Treasury bond yield to 1%. This move was a significant departure from years of ultra-accommodative monetary policy.  BOJ Governor Ueda clarified […]

Unleash the power of innovation with Therma Bright Inc. (OTCQB: TBRIF)

AI To Drive Tech Earnings   Therma Bright’s Venowave Device and the ARC Act: Advancing Vascular Health in the United States Therma Bright Inc. (OTCQB: TBRIF) is a renowned developer and partner in the field of cutting-edge proprietary diagnostic and medical device technologies. Their commitment to addressing crucial medical and healthcare challenges is evident through […]