Brief Introduction

Founded 1850 as a freight forwarding company, American Express has evolved into a global financial services giant. The company originated as a joint-stock corporation by merging cash-in-transit companies owned by Henry Wells, William G. Fargo, and John Warren Butterfield. Over the years, American Express expanded its services, introducing financial and travel services during the early 1900s.

Innovations in card services

American Express revolutionized the financial landscape with crucial milestones in credit card innovation. In 1958, the company introduced its first paper charge card, followed by the gold card in 1966, the green card in 1969, the platinum card in 1984, and the prestigious Centurion Card in 1999. These offerings marked significant strides in providing diverse financial solutions to its clientele.

Leadership in card issuance

Today, American Express is one of the leading card issuers in the United States, renowned for its exceptional customer service and many rewards. The company offers credit cards catering to various needs, from ultra-elite business travel cards to everyday rewards, making it a preferred choice for consumers seeking quality financial products.

Corporate vision and ownership

As an American multinational financial services company, American Express envisions being the world’s most respected service company. The company’s promise of superior products and exceptional service is brought to life by its dedicated employees. Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. holds the majority stake in American Express, emphasizing its significant ownership.

Financial strength and size

Despite lacking branches, American Express National Bank actively maintains substantial financial strength. As of June 30, 2022, it reported $138 billion in assets, ranking as the 27th-largest bank in the United States. As a result of its solid financial performance, the company has seen encouraging revenue growth, which reached US$55 billion, accompanied by steady earnings.

Financial performance and Stock Market standing

American Express consistently shows robust financial performance with steady growth and stability in the financial sector. American Express, known by the stock ticker AXP on the New York Stock Exchange. In 2023, American Express demonstrated a surge of 3.08%, reaching a high of $ 177.86 and a low of $ 165.99. The market capitalization of American Express is at $135.23 billion, featuring a Dividend Yield of 1.29% and a P/E Ratio of 17.55. 4,516.01123.80, with its 50 DMA at $ 162.44, a 100 DMA at $ 161.69, and a 200 DMA around $ 159.65. According to, the largest institutional shareholder in American Express is Berkshire Hathaway Inc holding 151,610,700 shares, valued at $ 28,134,398 (000).

Dividend history and shareholder value

One of the hallmarks of American Express is its commitment to shareholder value. The company has a notable dividend history, consistently rewarding shareholders. The reliability and consistency of its dividend payouts have been an attractive feature for investors seeking stable returns.

Leadership amidst challenges

Amidst the economic uncertainty of the pandemic, Steve Squeri, CEO of American Express, faced a unique challenge. With the world gripped by COVID lockdowns, Squeri navigated the company through turbulent times, showcasing resilience and strategic leadership in the face of unprecedented global challenges.

Technological forays and digital transformation

American Express has been a trailblazer in technological advancement. The company’s commitment to digital transformation is evident in its innovative solutions and services. From pioneering credit card technologies to embracing digital payment trends, American Express is at the forefront of the rapidly changing world of money.

Expansion plans and global impact

American Express’s expansion strategy has been instrumental in solidifying its global footprint. The company has strategically entered new markets, offering its financial products and services to a diverse customer base. Global Amex acceptance now covers more than 80 million locations, tripling the international locations accepting American Express since 2017, in part with network partners in Israel, South Africa, South Korea, and Brazil, among others.

American Express has showcased remarkable adaptability, innovation, and commitment to excellence since its inception. Renowned for its financial strength, technological leadership, and dedication to sustainability, the company is a formidable force in the financial industry, poised for a promising future.

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